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Impact Report:
Your Donor Dollars at Work
December 2022

Dedicated to Our Mission

AHLA’s educational 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status helps focus the Association on excellence in health law by providing nonpartisan education and connecting the health law community. By supporting our Association through donations, we are ensuring AHLA is made up of a diverse membership. The diversity of our backgrounds, our practice areas, and our representation of the health law industry, broadens the perspectives communicated in the offerings we produce. This breadth allows for enhanced educational programs, networking and engagement, resources, products, and service opportunities.

In Fiscal Year 2021, amidst the pandemic, our ability to navigate the new environment did not slow our delivery of exceptional nonpartisan educational offerings. During that time, we produced: 3,100 articles written by 1,406 authors and speakers, 427 hours of continuing education credits, 99 webinars and educational calls, 92 podcasts, 44 treatises in print, and 14 virtual/in-person programs. Our educational moments were likewise remarkable: 154,043 views of AHLA’s award-winning “Navigating Health Law Disruption” video series, 62, 327 podcast downloads, 21,868 Health Law Hub page views, 9,986 webinar and educational call registrants, 5,273 virtual/in-person program registrants, and 3,428 treatises sold.

Because of you, our member and corporate donors, and the continued dedication to our foundational core of volunteers, AHLA can continue to develop the highest possible quality of non-partisan educational programming, products, and services, which, in turn, allows for continuous dedication to our mission. On behalf of AHLA, thank you!

Robert D. Taflinger


Philanthropy in Action

  • A special publication on Emerging Issues in Health Equity in the United States contains articles that advance public discourse about health equity and begin serious conversations among AHLA members, the public, the academic community, and decision makers in the legislative and executive branches of government.
    • Articles address a multiplicity of disparate adverse health impacts related to policy, research, and care delivery that operate in systems where racism and bias are actors.
    • Readers of this special issue are encouraged to consider our roles as health care professionals and trusted advisors who have multiple pathways to make a meaningful difference now and in the future for health equity and quality health care.
  • AHLA Partners with The Diversity Movement to promote inclusion and excellence in health law.
    • Our constant goal as an Association is to ensure that every member can participate in a collegial, friendly, and mutually respectful environment as we work together to serve the health law community.
    • AHLA looks forward to inviting members to experience TDM’s high-quality educational programming such as diversity certifications, digital accessibility solutions, and technology products like the award-winning MicroVideos by The Diversity Movement.
  • AHLA continues engaging and connecting students and early career professionals in health law, by sponsoring the 11th Annual Health Law Regulatory & Compliance Competition. During the competition, participants were awarded the following:

Young Professionals Become Early Career Professionals

Kerry B. Hoggard, Vice President of MembershipKerry Hoggard Headshot image

AHLA’s Young Professionals Council was established by the Board of Directors in June of 2010. In July 2022, the name of the Young Professionals Council was changed to Early Career Professionals to be more inclusive of those who may be "young at heart" and/or just entering the field or coming back to the field after a work absence. Each year, a call for leaders is issued to members interested in serving on the Council, which is composed of up to 14 members who have been in practice less than ten years and one law student member. Those appointed to the Council facilitate and coordinate engagement opportunities for students and early career professionals by collaborating with leaders of several Board Committees, Practice Groups, and the Women’s Leadership Council. Additionally, in 2014, the AHLA Board of Directors established a position for a young professional on the Board. The Delegate is selected by the Council, approved by the incoming President, and serves as a non-voting member on the Board for a one-year term.

The name of AHLA’s Young Professionals Network was also changed to align with the renaming of the Council. The Early Career Professionals Professional (ECPC) Network is open to any AHLA member, student, and digital subscriber as a benefit. There is no age cut-off to belong to the Network. The ECPC Network offers opportunities for discussion among health law professionals and students interested in early career topics and provides a forum for those individuals to find one another and connect over their perspectives and shared experiences in the industry. Interested members are invited to join this or any other professional network via AHLA’s Connect Community.


Externship Mentors Provide Priceless Advice

Benjamin is an Assistant Attorney General for the health care division of the Tennessee Attorney General's Office. While a 3L in Spring 2021, Benjamin had an opportunity to work with AHLA as an extern, and shares how crucial AHLA has been to his professional development.

Benjamin C. JosephBenjamin Joseph Headshot image
Assistant Attorney General, Health Care Division, Tennessee Office of Attorney General

I decided to pursue a career in health law because I was fascinated with health care and wanted to help people in an environment where I could continue to learn and grow. I attended law school at Vanderbilt University and had a defining experience with two partners at Bass, Berry & Sims in my Health Care Fraud and Abuse class. This class taught me health law is a dynamic profession that encompasses many areas of law.

As an Assistant Attorney General, I help the health care division office defend the governor’s executive actions and ensure that TennCare (the state Medicaid program) functions to its best capacity. I am proud of the work I am doing to effectuate change in Tennessee, and I believe health lawyers can make real, practical, and positive changes in people’s lives.

My externship with the Association while I was a 3L in Spring 2021, afforded me opportunities to gain experience from the best-of-the-best in the industry and network with like-minded individuals. I utilized AHLA’s resources and offerings and listened to every webinar possible to soak up all the knowledge I could. My assignments included developing a Stark Law State-by-State Survey, which has been helpful in my recent work assignments. The Association also introduced me to mentors in senior leadership like Robert Niccolini, the former AHLA president, Greg Demske, the Chief Counsel to the OIG-HHS, and Kim Looney, a partner at K&L Gates’s Nashville office, who has served as my go-to career advisor. These and other AHLA members provided priceless advice on how I could influence the health law world and contributed heavily to my overall development and future success.

I recently faced a tough decision to either renew my AHLA membership or allow it to lapse. The membership fees were a little steep for my current salary as an emerging professional, but I decided to continue my membership because I saw the value that AHLA offers its members.

AHLA provides so many resources that make me a better health law attorney. I owe it to my clients to be the best health law attorney that I can be, which requires me to stay abreast of ongoing issues and developments. AHLA helps me do precisely that.


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