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Impact Report:
Your Donor Dollars at Work
February 2022

Making an Impact in the New Year

AHLA finished out 2021 with an eye towards the future, giving new life to our existing programs and educational offerings. As we have sought innovation and excellence, we continue to work towards our goal of bettering health outcomes for all.

Through your investments, AHLA has made advancements in the three philanthropic priority areas you helped us identify:

  • Talent pipeline support, ensuring a well-qualified next generation of health law professionals;
  • Innovative professional development, improving skills and building credentials within the profession; and
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing resources and training towards a more equitable and diverse industry.
Philanthropic Priority Areas graphic

I want to acknowledge all who have recently raised their hand for an AHLA leadership position or volunteer role, and I want to extend my deepest gratitude for the work you do to keep our organization strong. We have benefited greatly from your involvement within the Association.

Thank you for being an AHLA member and, as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or ideas.

Robert D. Taflinger


Philanthropy in Action

  • AHLA has once again partnered with dBase Media to produce an invaluable and timely resource for health law professionals seeking to improve their skills and source information to better serve their clients.
    • With over 200k views of our Health Law Disruption and Conversations with Health Law Leaders Video series, AHLA wants to continue providing free, dynamic, and useful content for health law professionals.
    • This upcoming docuseries will shine a light on critical issues in health data usage, present cybersecurity best practices, and share tips for protecting health data. Health Law Disruption: Cybersecurity and Emerging Data Risks will showcase the vital role of health law professionals in safeguarding health data and harnessing the potential of the data to improve the health care delivery system into the next generation, and highlight AHLA’s commitment to furthering excellence in health law.
  • This Black History Month, AHLA has provided members with resources and opportunities to participate in our journey towards a more equitable and diverse industry. We invite you to join AHLA’s celebration of Black History month through:
    • Engaging in courageous conversations in our BIPOC in Health Law Network, reading CEO David S. Cade's article in Health Law Connections, exploring AHLA's Health Law Hub on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Health Care, and more.
    • AHLA is also a sponsor for the National Bar Association’s, 2022 Black History Healthy Lifestyle Webinar Series. AHLA members are invited to participate in this webinar series free of charge.
    • Along with this invitation, AHLA has provided a forum for BIPOC members and allies this month to share with us who inspired you, what work there still needs to be done within our community, or how you celebrate Black History month. Members can upload a video for AHLA to amplify today.
  • AHLA has fully returned to in-person programming, ensuring that early career health law professionals can learn and network beyond the screen. These dynamic programs, fully embracing recommended CDC safety measures for in-person gatherings, serve as a critical component of AHLA’s talent pipeline.
    • Over 300 individuals traveled to Chicago in November to participate in the Fundamentals of Health Law program, and more than 300 traveled to New Orleans in early February to participate in the Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Law Institute and the Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute.
    • Upcoming AHLA in-person offerings include the Long Term Care and the Law program in Orlando, and the Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues in Baltimore.
    • Individuals enrolled full-time at a law or graduate school have less spendable income than professionals in the field. In an effort to make our programs accessible to those on a budget, AHLA offers reduced student registration for AHLA’s in-person programs so that these future health lawyers and health law professionals have access to the education needed to prepare them for their career.

Launching Strategic Planning Process

Kerry B. Hoggard, Vice President of MembershipKerry Hoggard Headshot image

The Board of Directors has launched its next strategic planning process to proactively serve its members, subscribers, and customers as we continue through unprecedented and uncertain times. AHLA's strategic plan will serve as a blueprint on how to meet the needs of those in the health law community navigating the rapidly changing legal landscape of health care.

A strategic plan is the cornerstone of our Association’s success. It ensures that stakeholders are on the same page about our mission, vision, values, and most critical priorities. It will also provide the milestones we need to reach to accomplish our goals.

AHLA has selected THRUUE Inc. as its strategic planning partner and already it is clear that we will benefit from their expertise, creativity, and adaptable tools that will result in measurable impact and growth for our Association.

The Board of Directors kicked off the planning process in January. Development of the new plan will take approximately 12-18 months, include input and feedback from a variety of stakeholders, and will be showcased at AHLA’s 2023 Annual Meeting.

Beyond laying down the foundation for our upcoming organizational goals, this process will also give us a peek at the role AHLA will play in advancing the health law profession over the coming years. We will continue to keep you updated on our journey, providing you with updates and opportunities for input.

I am grateful to be on this journey with you, forging our path forward together, and never losing sight of our mission to uplift the health law profession.


The Next Generation: Turning Passion into Practice

Addie Book is a Juris Doctor Candidate at the University of Oklahoma College of Law who attended AHLA’s Fundamentals of Health Law program in Chicago, IL this past November, taking advantage of the student discount to attend.

She credits the educational sessions at the program for helping her achieve an A in her HIPAA class last semester, and cites the session on employment contracts for physicians as her favorite.

Addi E. BookAddi Book Headshot image
License Legal Intern and J.D. Candidate

As a child, I wanted to be a physician like my father. I watched how he, like many health care providers, worked tirelessly to treat as many patients as he could, as well as he could. I wanted to replicate his resiliency and passion, however I quickly discovered that my mind was better wired for language and writing over math and science. This led me into the wonderful profession of health law and, somewhat predictably, my favorite part of my job is working with physicians.

My roots have shaped the way I approach my career, finding opportunities to assist care providers wherever I can. Whether it’s in a malpractice case, handling administrative and medical board issues, or helping build the policy and compliance in their workplace, I want my work to empower me to support care providers. I am grateful to be working in a field that actively works to better health care outcomes for all, and our country’s latest health care crisis further emphasizes the importance of removing barriers to health equity.

Though I am still early in my health law career, I credit AHLA for getting me here. AHLA’s publications provide me with practical insight on problems I’m facing at work and in my law classes, while their programs serve as a unique forum for networking. It is rare for early career professionals to have the opportunity to get to know successful professionals with like-minded goals and interests. Of course, these programs also provide exceptional educational content, helping me in areas of law, like employment contracts for physicians, that I deal with daily.

Information is a currency in the health care industry, and with it comes more accessible and affordable care. When individuals are able to obtain information on their care, providers, and resources, they have a much higher likelihood of being able to achieve affordable care. For this reason, I am even more grateful for the impact AHLA has on the profession than the impact it has had on my career. This Association is a giant in the field of health law, helping to education health law professionals so that we can educate others. In this way, AHLA is assisting health law professionals break down barriers to equity in health care and improving the lives of many along the way.



Do you have an estate plan? Have you considered making a charitable bequest? As you support our mission to ensure that the next generation of health law professionals is diverse, inclusive, and equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrow, you might be interested in ways to increase your impact.

A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust and is the simplest type of planned gift for you to make. Through a charitable bequest you can support organizations, like AHLA, in ways you may not be able to during your lifetime.

For more information on making a making a charitable bequest or planned giving in general, please contact us at donate@americanhealthlaw.org.

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